So You Think Your Family Is Crazy

But typically, all of them end up happier once they’re together. ShutterstockMy uncle obtained his girlfriend pregnant once they have been each 15. His family and her household insisted that they get married after they both graduated, they ended up dropping out.

All the children have been all given very regular enemas. They had all types of weird cures they might take to assist fight the metals, but homeopathic type nonsense isn’t that uncommon. Multiple enemas per week for kids and babies? Oh, and the dad and mom have been those administering these enemas. To kids starting from 5 to 15 years old. Maybe I’m a prude, however I can’t think about discovering my mother and father taking turns lubing up and inserting an enema tube into my 15-year-old ass regularly once I have no discernible health issues, normal. Although most of the humor derives from the truth that they share macabre interests, the Addamses aren’t evil.

My favorite memory of her was taking me to the apple tree at my house and would inform me concerning the fairies that lived there. On Christmas eve my girlfriends brother decided to propose to his girlfriend of a year. She said yes and we had somewhat celebration to celebrate and all was good and enjoyable till Christmas dinner when she found out that at the ring she was sporting wasn’t $1500 as he advised her however solely $400. So dinner was crammed with her feedback of how I guess he solely loves me sufficient to purchase me a $400 ring. Mind you he busts his ass for her, he’s up to debt cross his eyeballs because of her. She doesn’t work, or support in any way and barely cleans the house. Now she wants to be married before the top of the yr and based on Christmas dinner I don’t know if they will be together long sufficient to see that happen due to her materialistic ways.

Even after we each refused, she truly came to the house we had been sharing and explained that I was an unacceptable girlfriend for her son and supplied me extra cash and a model new contract for $20,000. She was my mother-in-law for nine years after that. ShutterstockMy almost 50-year-old aunt has serious grandiose delusions. She thinks she’s wealthy, important, athletic, clever, and an writer. It’s making it onerous to go to household dinners.

The mom who licked chicken wings before serving them to her youngsters. Gary’s mother will get house from work a pair hours later. She nods to us and says hello politely earlier than heading in the direction mennation of the again of the home. A few seconds later she returns to the kitchen where we had been working and screams, ‘WHERE IS IT? ’ I bounce and am confused, so I shoot a ‘WTF? Gary muttered, ‘It wasn’t me, it was him.’ His mom glared at me, huffed, and walked out.

“My sister on the time was around 4, nearly 5. I was crawling around and my garage door was slightly open.” Kind of insane how long we have been able to maintain secrets and techniques when we had been kids. Also, for the record, being an older sibling is inherently very annoying — so what if we needed to invent a white lie or two to get through the day? But typically we received our comeuppance from our youthful brothers and sisters. My aunt, my mom’s sister, despatched out an email to the entire household that vented about 60 years of hatred towards my mother.

My mother started taking the decorations off the tree, and I mentioned “what are you doing?!” And she replied “taking down the tree! Christmas is over!” My youngsters were nonetheless opening their presents. “My sister being the nice individual she is thought she’d assist by opening the door more,” they continue. My brother was solely raised by his mother, and my dad didn’t even meet his son till he was thirteen years old, all whereas raising me with my mother in what seemed to be a completely regular marriage. I don’t know all the small print of how my “mom” ended up with me, but she went back to Arizona a year later and informed everybody in her family she got pregnant whereas traveling with her band and didn’t know who the dad was. Could there be one other contender for our No. 1 spot? Bruce Brown’s iconic surf doc takes younger West Coast surfers Mike Hynson and Robert August on a ’round-the-world search for the proper wave. They find it, too, on a then-unknown break off Cape St. Francis in South Africa, now one of the world’s most famous surfing websites.